For PR management students: Classification of PR texts and features of utilizing PR articles 14/09/2018

For PR management students: Classification of PR texts and features of utilizing PR articles

Classification of PR texts

After a bit was touched by us from the peculiarities of writing Public Relations texts, it is the right time to mention the sorts of PR articles. Happily, right here we have been anticipating brand new interesting acquaintances.

  1. 1. Press announcements. Yes, yes, the old type press launch pertains to the group of image texts. Regular publication of data guides could form a specific image around an item, service or business.
  2. The lack of press announcements is that its audience is always extremely tied to the circle of interested professionals: it is hard to imagine a typical citizen whom starts the web site of his favorite paper later in the day after finishing up work, however a profile resource that puts pr announcements on the web.
  3. 2. Interviews. a pleasant function of pr-text within the structure of “interview” is the fact that you are able to individually make a “convenient” set of concerns, avoiding any unneeded topics. Or especially focus on uncomfortable questions, without waiting around for them (in an infinitely more situation that is uncomfortable become set by opponents.
  4. Image interview allows you to definitely inform of a person that is specific and concerning the company, item, service an such like. PR-copywriting also assumes this structure of this interviewing, once the relevant concerns within the text foresee the concerns that usually arise from the audience.
  5. 3. Image text. Frequently, the writing of image articles will be based upon the answer of some problems that are socially significant describes procedures that are interesting to your market. Samples of PR-texts of the kind:
  1. 5. Analytical (expert) text. The singularity of image analytical articles is the fact that they might not even mention a person that is particular company or solution. For instance, you see on the net exceptional overview material, telling concerning the development styles of Russian-language solutions for creating landing pages.

Advantages of choosing PR articles

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